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We are looking to give back to the community as much as possible by creating social programs to benefit local families around isla with the help of our customers and visitors.
Come over and lend us a hand! Theres always something to help with!

Give back to the Community

At True Isla we like to improve our community by helping their social projects by adding knowledge and opportunities to create a more successful  environment for everyone.

If you would like to know the programs and groups we support these are the following: ------

We offer workshops and classes for people interested in arts, crafts and all related to Mexican design so new generations can keep creating and being creative, we support our artists by offering a place to work, create, study, prepare for and any project they want to profit from. By adhering into a society that sponsors, prepares and procures their career up to being successful.

We also help social programs like: Isla veterinary helping the Cat heaven, Turtle farm, Preservation of the reef, women's beading coop. 

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