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Laundry Run

Laundry service with pick up and delivery available so you don't have to worry about what you'll going to wear.

Packed light and just ran out of clothes? Call us for a laundry service, with pick up and delivery available to your rental or hotel. We pick up your clothing take it to the laundry and pick it up cleaned and folded ready to be used once again in this beautiful paradise. Special pricing for towels and sheets or wet items.

Laundry Services:

1 - 4 Kilos $750 MXN

4-10 Kilos $ 1,500 MXN

*Please provide only dry clothes, wet clothes will be charged as double weight.

*Towels and sheets are charged on a separate bill and will be paid once the laundry is delivered back to you.

tips are not included*

Weight for Sheets and towels is charge separately and is required to be paid after delivery.

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