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Grocery Stocking

We deliver Pre-stocked groceries to your rental, so when you arrive you can just relax and enjoy your accommodation without having to go out and buy the basics for the morning.

Whether you need groceries, have laundry to do, or want to reserve a tour or an activity, we can assist you in any possible way to make your entire vacation as comfortable as possible!

. Grocery Stocking Rates: 1 to 8 items =$500 MXN plus shopping expenses

9 to 16 items = $ 800 MXN plus shopping expenses

16 or 25 items = $ 1,000 MXN plus shopping expenses

Alcohol purchases = 15% markup on the total of these purchases.

You can look for product references at If we can’t find the desired product, will take the next best in stock.

Juice or fruit, and some meats we get from local vendors.

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