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Dinner reservations

Need reservations to a restaurant, event, class, or session?
We make them for you!
Need any courier services? Consultation or general information? Contact us!

We will run all the pendings you have,

Let us know where and when you want to go and we will make the necessary reservations to the places you want, all you have to worry is arrive on time.

Reservations to all: Restaurants, Bars, Spas & Salon, Private shows, dinner events and entertainment,

Need a therapy session in your house? Massage on the beach, Hairdressers, Beauty parlors, Barber shops., events, any activity, you name it!

Reservation service is $2 USD per 1 reservation for Restaurants, clubs, beachclubs and events.

We offer the Courier services for all your daily life pendings at an hourly rate.

Deliveries, Mailing, Scouting, Personal shopper, Rental and designing Consultations for the Hospitality Business, Home, Estate & Rental or travel consultations.

All concierge services are always appreciative of tips!

Thank you!

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